25 to 36 Month Old Personal Visit Plan

25 Months –

  • Tips for teaching toilet use, Body awareness, Matching by shape, beginning to count

  • (Activity) Matching file folder game

26 Months –

  • Effective and efficient motion, eye-hand coordination, sentence length, using conventional grammar, understanding and complying with requests.

  • (Activity) Racket Play, Collage and fish color game

27 Months –

  • Matching, sorting and classifying, learning colors, learning about size, dressing

  • (Activity) Apple Sorting and Pizza Game

28 Months –

  • Gender awareness, dealing with fears and feelings, discovering motor abilities, throwing, catching and kicking

  • (Activity) Bears with Feelings

29 Months –

  • Recognizing a whole from parts, transformations, learning concepts through everyday experiences, characteristics of early speech

  • (Activity) Shaving Cream Play

30 Months –

  • Discipline is teaching, techniques for enforcing limits, problem solving

  • (Activity) Finger painting

31 Months –

  • Fine motor skills for writing, building with blocks, new language skills, using spoken language.

  • (Activity) Building with Blocks, fingerplays.

32 Months –

  • Mental representation, computer play, integrated development, active play, toys for pretend and gross motor play.

  • (Activity) Hidden Object Game

33 Months –

  • Temperament at 2, self-esteem, cooking

  • (Activity) Cooking

34 Months –

  • Memory, using open-ended questions, why questions, reading, sharing and cooperative play, pretend play.

  • (Activity) Memory, Pretend Play.

35 Months –

  • Learning to cut, learning to string, toilet learning setbacks

  • (Activity) Tie Dye Fun

36 Months –

  • Review of Parents as Teachers, three year old screening, Looking Ahead

  • (Activity) Favorite Activity


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