3 to 4 Year Old Personal Visit Plan

Over in the Meadow

February 2010

In a classic Appalachian counting rhyme, we visit a mother turtle, a mother fish, a mother bluebird, a mother muskrat, a mother honeybee, a mother crow, a mother cricket, a mother lizard, a mother frog, and a mother firefly. Each mother implores her babies to do what they do best: dig, swim, sing, dive, buzz, caw, chirp, bask, croak, and shine.


This counting rhyme lends an opportunity to review the words that rhyme with numbers 1-10 in the book.  We will read each set of rhyming words, then play the “Over in the Meadow Rhyme” file folder game together.


Your child will explore the color wheel and discuss the colors of each animal. We will re-visit the book and see how many colors we can find for each animal.


Habitats – We will talk about each animal in the story, pointing out their habitat and play the “Habitat” matching game.


Drama – We will discuss all the different things the animals did such as swim, caw, bask, etc. as we flip through each page. Afterward, we will all play the animal action card game.


Counting – We will play the puzzle/animal counting game by matching the number to the correct amount of animals (corresponds with book).


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