Color Matching Game

Understanding color and shape is a tool for learning many skills in all curriculum areas, from math and science to language and reading. For example, when your child learns to discern the similarities and differences between colors and shapes, she is using the same skills she needs to recognize the differences between letters and numerals.

I have put together a “simple” game to play with your child that will help them strengthen their visual discrimination skills.

Visit your local hardware store or any department store that sells paint and simply pick out the basic color cards.

Provide your child with a bowl of assorted pom-poms that match the color cards and allow them to sort them onto the cards.  In addition to the pom-poms, wooden clothes pins or plastic tweezers may be used to move the pom-poms to the cards. By using clothes pins or tweezers, your child is strengthening the hand muscles used for cutting and also fine-tuning their hand-eye coordination skills.

Helpful Tips:


It may be helpful to start with just a few cards and add more as your child masters the game. After he/she is able to sort all pom-poms by themselves, you can start asking them to place each individual color. As an example, when all the cards are placed on floor/table and the bowl of pom poms is available, simply ask your child to start with red to see if he/she can distinguish the color.


To reinforce color recognition, make your trip to the grocery store a learning experience…..

Simply have your child point out anything in the store that is red, i.e. apples, soup cans, tomatoes, various packages, clothing, etc.

Each time you visit your local store, choose a new color!


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