Roll -a- Santa Game

The basic idea of this game is to be the first one to put a “WHOLE” santa together.

I decided to make this game strictly for “number recognition” so I cut name badges into squares and wrote numbers instead of using the dots.

If you want to use this for a counting game, use one or two dice depending on the ability of the child. If he/she can count to six (use one die) and if they are ready for counting/adding up to twelve use two. I use over sized dice because the kids generally love them, but you can use any kind. If you do not have a dice, cover a square shaped kleenex box with solid wrapping paper and write numbers or draw dots onto the paper.

Here is my die:

Now for Santa:

These instructions are for number recognition game….

Each child receives an oval shape for santa’s face and will work to add six parts to create a “WHOLE” Santa. I found my santa on Mailbox Magazine, but here is a link to one you could use to create this game.

Each part of santa will be labeled with a number….

Here are the individual pieces:

Directions for 2-4 players:

Each player takes a turn rolling the die and adding the corresponding santa part to his face. If the player already has the piece, then the next person takes his/her turn until the someone receives all six parts and announces HO, HO, HO.