Path Games

Create “Path Games” from file folders and stickers to teach the alphabet.

Get creative and make up your own rules to make it fun! If your child already recognizes their capital letters, then add lower case to the board.  Once they have mastered letter recognition,  encourage them make the sound.

Some Rule Examples:

If they land on the letter and can “name” it or say the sound, they can advance one space.

If they land on a letter and can recognize it or say the sound, they get an extra turn.

You can also use this same concept and draw shapes on the stickers.


Duplo A,B,C’s

Got an extra set of the large Duplo Blocks? Turn them into an educational tool your preschooler will LOVE to play with……

Write or place alphabet stickers (both upper and lower case) and help them to match them up correctly!

“Twist” on Twister

Got an old Twister game laying around that your little ones just don’t seem to play with anymore? All you need is a permanent marker and a few bean bags and you have an educational game to recognize letters right at your finger tips.

First, write “part” of the alphabet on the spinner using your permanent marker. (there is enough room for 16 letters)

Then, lay the mat on the floor and write corresponding letters on it (there will be duplicates because there are more circles on the mat than there are on the spinner).

Directions for FOUR players:

Each player will need one or two bean bags each before starting the game. Everyone will take turns spinning the spinner and trying to throw their bean bag on the corresponding letter. This game helps with alphabet recognition as well as hand-eye coordination.

Have FUN!

Rainbow Rice

I can’t take credit for this…..but, I loved the idea so much I wanted to share…..

This link was sent to me by a friend…………..

To dye your rice, pour about two cups of rice into a bowl; add about 20-25 drops of food coloring and stir it until it is coated. Then add 1/2 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and stir again. Repeat, with various colors; pour onto newspaper until it dries and then dump all of it into a container to create a rainbow rice bin. You can use this bin for games or simply for fun play using funnels, cars, cups, large spoons, etc.

Get Creative…

  • Magnetic alphabet letters can be hidden in the rice and can be matched to corresponding letters on a cookie sheet.

  • Paint rocks or shells that can be matched to corresponding colors painted in the bottom of an egg shell carton.

  • Hide coins and sort into matching piles, talk about values.