13 to 24 Month Personal Visit Plan

13 Months –

  • First Words, Television, Using Music and Exploring with and Hands Together..

  • (Activity) Clothespins in a Bottle – Improves hand-eye coordination and repetition.

14 Months –

  • Negativism, Language development and autonomy, immunizations and nutrition

  • (Activity) Chips in a Can – Uses newly developed muscle skills to fit the chips through the slot. Also uses trial and error and simple problem solving skills.

15 Months –

  • Parallel talk, self talk and stretch talk.

  • (Activity) Farm – Parallel Talk and Self Talk

16 Months –

  • Temper Tantrums, Child Stress, Imitation and Social Development, Memory

  • (Activity) Imitating Play

17 Months –

  • Discipline for Toddlers, Safety, Learning New Words and Sleep Needs

  • (Activity) Sock Puppet, Bean Bag (make and toss), Puppet Play

18 Months –

  • Value of Play, Play with Others

  • (Activity) Pretend Picnic

19 Months –

  • Hearing Well and Receptive Language, Listening, The importance of Music

  • (Activity) Music and Sounds (Loud and Soft)

20 Months –

  • Parent Stress, Walking, Self-esteem, self help and discipline, Readiness for toilet training

  • (Activity) Step, Jump and Climb

21 Months –

  • Saying Words, Combining words, television and videos

  • (Activity) Word Book

22 Months –

  • Problem solving and puzzles, Making transitions, nutrition and making mealtime pleasant, fine motor development.

  • (Activity) Tennis Ball Puzzle

23 Months –

  • Social-emotional development, child care considerations, beginning conversation skills

  • (Activity) Grain Box

24 Months –

  • Health care and safety for toddlers, tips for health care provider visits, beginning to match

  • (Activity) Play dough