25 to 36 Month Old Personal Visit Plan

25 Months –

  • Tips for teaching toilet use, Body awareness, Matching by shape, beginning to count

  • (Activity) Matching file folder game

26 Months –

  • Effective and efficient motion, eye-hand coordination, sentence length, using conventional grammar, understanding and complying with requests.

  • (Activity) Racket Play, Collage and fish color game

27 Months –

  • Matching, sorting and classifying, learning colors, learning about size, dressing

  • (Activity) Apple Sorting and Pizza Game

28 Months –

  • Gender awareness, dealing with fears and feelings, discovering motor abilities, throwing, catching and kicking

  • (Activity) Bears with Feelings

29 Months –

  • Recognizing a whole from parts, transformations, learning concepts through everyday experiences, characteristics of early speech

  • (Activity) Shaving Cream Play

30 Months –

  • Discipline is teaching, techniques for enforcing limits, problem solving

  • (Activity) Finger painting

31 Months –

  • Fine motor skills for writing, building with blocks, new language skills, using spoken language.

  • (Activity) Building with Blocks, fingerplays.

32 Months –

  • Mental representation, computer play, integrated development, active play, toys for pretend and gross motor play.

  • (Activity) Hidden Object Game

33 Months –

  • Temperament at 2, self-esteem, cooking

  • (Activity) Cooking

34 Months –

  • Memory, using open-ended questions, why questions, reading, sharing and cooperative play, pretend play.

  • (Activity) Memory, Pretend Play.

35 Months –

  • Learning to cut, learning to string, toilet learning setbacks

  • (Activity) Tie Dye Fun

36 Months –

  • Review of Parents as Teachers, three year old screening, Looking Ahead

  • (Activity) Favorite Activity


Shape Boxes

I found this on someone’s blog and I love it….


Shape Boxes

(Boxes Can Be Modified for Colors)

I made these boxes after trying to think of a way to introduce my baby to shapes. Lakeshore has a product similar to this for $5o

but I just made mine with stuff I had laying around the house. I like this idea because she can put her hands on it and also it relates shapes to the real world. Outside of school, there are not many times when she is going to have to point out a 2 dimensional shape on a piece of paper. I hope it will show her that shapes are a part of everyday life. Since she is only 12 months old, I am not trying to drill anything into her. I just let her open the boxes and play with the contents as she pleases. Like in this picture, she took the sponge and pretended she was scrubbing the box :). While she plays I talk to her about the shape. For example, I will say, “that yellow sponge is a rectangle, you can tell because it has four sides. Two sides are long, two sides are short”. In the rectangle box I put a stamp, a sponge, an old id card (which she loves because it has a picture of Daddy on it), a plastic brownie, and two cardboard boxes that came in a play food set she got for her birthday.

In the circle box I put a plastic plate, a small compact mirror, a cd, a butter tub lid, a plastic quarter, and a few plastic food items: an orange, a pie, a pancake and two doughnuts. In the square box I put a washcloth, a plastic building block, a plastic waffle, a small board book and a square pot holder. In the triangle box (the most pathetic box) I put two slices of plastic pizza. I really can’t think of much more to put in there for a triangle. I was thinking a hanger maybe, but it won’t fit in there. I plan to add more items in the future, as I come across them.

You could use this same concept for colors.