5 to 6 Year Old Personal Visit Plan

February 2010

Meet “Katy No-Pocket”……

Katy, a mother kangaroo who does not have a pocket, searches for a solution to her problem.  This search produces a story which has long been a favorite with children.

Character Trait

Generosity – After searching for a solution to her no-pocket problem, Katy finally meets the man with an apron full of pockets.  He gladly gives her his apron saying he can get another. We will discuss what it means to be generous and explore others in the story who displayed generosity.


Habitats – We will learn about habitats and play a file folder game where we “Take the Animals Home” to their correct habitat. We will also be matching actual photos of animals and their babies to photos in the book.


We will be learning about opposites:

  • Sad/Happy

  • On/Off

  • In/Out

  • Push/Pull

  • Awake/Asleep

  • Big/Little


Counting – We will play a counting game where your child hops like a kangaroo after drawing numbers out of Katy’s pouch and we will count the animals in Katy’s new apron.

Sequencing – Arranges five objects in order of size, from smallest to largest.


Letter K

If time permits we can practice re-telling the story using story props.