Birth to 12 Month Personal Visit Plan

Birth to 1 Month –

  • Attachment and transition to the world, newborn brain development and reflexes, infant massage, newborn vision.

  • (Activity) Born to Learn Video, Neuroscience Video.

1 Month –

  • Reading baby’s cues, stimulation and sensory overload, states of consciousness, tummy time.

  • (Activity) Tummy Time

2 Month –

  • Hearing the sounds of speech, windows of opportunity, overhead batting, immunizations.

  • (Activity) Bat Mobile.

3 Month –

  • Early communication, father’s role, nature and nurture, parent’s role: designer, effects of smoking.

  • (Activity) Tracking.

4 Month –

  • Hearing, grasping and mouthing, gross motor development, feeding issues, immunizations.

  • (Activity) Informal Hearing Check.

5 Month –

  • Early use of books: language and shared attention, vision, cause and effect testing, parent’s role: consultant.

  • (Activity) Shared attention with a play mat.

6 Month –

  • Establishing healthy sleep patterns, early memory associations, healthy habits, baby games.

  • (Activity) Baby games.

7 Month –

  • Babbling, learning to crawl, curiosity, safety proofing, parents’ role: authority.

  • (Activity) Helping your baby move around.

8 Month –

  • Stranger anxiety, attachment, object permanence, receptive language.

  • (Activity) Name that body part, puppet play, object permanence.

9 Month –

  • Transition from crawling to walking, safety proofing for walking, toys for learning.

  • (Activity) Promoting Walking.

10 Month –

  • Small muscle development, temperament, curiosity, discipline.

  • (Activity) Unwrapping a toy.

11 Month –

  • Beginning to walk, safety for toddlers, child care check-up, receptive language.

  • (Activity) Textures.

12 Month –

  • Dental Health, fine motor-oral development, social games, parents’ role.

  • (Activity) Snack time.